iSit and iWalk Pet Services

iSit and iWalk Pet Services

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iSit and iWalk Pet Services offers clients the following services:

Dog Walking

Your dog(s) are walked in their own familiar neighborhood.
   Half-hour walk: $ per visit (1-3 dogs)
   Full hour walk:  $ per visit
   Additional dogs: $ per dog per visit

Large dogs are no problem.
We welcome walks with multiple dogs, as long as they are all compatible with each other and well-behaved.

Pet Sitting

While you are away, your pet is cared for in its own home. This has advantages over boarding in that your pet is not exposed to unknown diseases from other animals and is not panicked by unknown people and animals.
Your pets are provided with food, water, exercise, and loving at each visit. Litter boxes are cleaned and poop is scooped each day. We also pick up mail, bring in newspapers, take out garbage, water plants, and turn on and off lights during the daily visit to make your house looked lived in.
(All visit times are approximate and may be more or less depending on individual visit requirements.)
   Dog (short walk): $ per 15 minute visit (1-3 pets)
   Cat: $ per 15 minute visit
   Dog & Cats: $ per 30 minute visit (1-3 pets)
$ additional per pet per visit
   Small Animals: $ per 15 minute visit
   Each additional 30 minutes: $

* Recommendation *
2 visits minimum per day for dogs;
1 visit per day for cats

House Sitting

If you do not have any pets, but would like your house to be looked after while you are gone, we can do that for you. As when Pet Sitting, we pick up mail, bring in newspapers, take out garbage, water plants, and turn on and off lights during the twice daily visits to make your house looked lived in.
   Price: $ per visit

Overnight Stays

If you prefer to have a sitter stay overnight with your pet in your home, we can do that. During the stay your pets will be cared for and pampered. Included in the stay is a half-hour dog walk as well as household tasks such as watering plants, bringing in the mail and the newspaper, and making sure the house is locked. Your house and pets will be more secure with a sitter in residence all night. The sitter will stay from 7pm to 7am the next morning.
   Price: $ per night (1-3 pets); $5 additional for 4-6 pets.

Pet Transportation

When you need help taking your pet to the vet, or any other local destination, we provide the transportation for you. We are able to transport large dogs as well as small animals. Transporting is limited to the local area, meaning northern Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley) plus north to SFO and OAK airports. It is better to schedule this service, but we do respond to immediate needs, if we are available.
Distance fees are based on complete round-trip distance.
Time spent assumes a maximum of a half-hour at destination. Longer times (such as waiting for air flight arrivals) are charged as an additional fee.
    Within 5 miles:  $ per trip for first half-hour
    greater than 5 miles:  +$ for each additional mile
    Additional time:  +$ for each additional 15 minutes

Minimum fee for transport to/from San Jose Airport: $ (<45 minute wait)
Minimum fee for transport to/from San Francisco or Oakland Airport: $ (<90 minute wait)

Note: Crates must fit into a 44"D x 40"W x 30"H cargo area. 70"D is allowed if no additional passengers are riding. Most extra large crates may be disassembled to fit for transport, and the pet may be secured outside of the crate.

Pet Shopping

When your pets need food or other supplies, we will pick them up for you. Generally we deliver on the next visit, but immediate delivery can be made, if necessary.
   Price: $ plus cost of purchased supplies
+ $ if immediate delivery requested (or if not a regular client)

Pooper Scooper

If you can't (or won't) clean up the poop on your lawn, we provide that service for you.  Weekly visits (or more often) can be scheduled for this special duty.
   Price: $ per visit (1-3 pets); add $ per additional pet.


Recurring Service: Any customer asking for weekly pet services gets a % discount off of the total standard services costs.

Addition Services and Add-ons

Mileage Surcharge (cost per mile over 5 miles from my home): add $ per mile per visit

Holiday/Non-business hours: add $ per visit
• Holidays are:
• Business hours are: 7 Days/Week 7AM-7PM (excludes overnight stays)

House key pick up/drop off: $ per mile (minimum $)

Cancellation fee: If cancelled within 48 hours of visit, 50% of fee for visit. Within 24 hours, full charge.

Initial Consultation: FREE

SMS Text messages/Email: FREE
   * However your own phone plan may charge per text message.

Cash, Check, Zelle, PayPal, Venmo or Amazon Pay payment methods accepted, with no additional fees.

Contact us to ask for any additional services you may require.


If you are a new client, check our promotions for currently available service discounts.